Company Description


HORNE is a professional services firm founded on a cornerstone of public accounting. Our CPA heritage brings trust and discipline to our brand. Strategic choices brought us the talent, skills and mindset to solve our clients’ biggest issues. In this world of rapid change, few companies feel prepared for the risks & disruption caused by technology, regulations, talent shortages and competition. We help clients become anticipatory, think through options, manage change from the inside out, so they can direct their futures – not have their futures directed for them.

We are a decidedly different firm, going beyond traditional services and guiding clients through uncertainties and opportunities ahead.

HORNE Healthcare:

Innovative insights to accelerate change.

Guidance through today’s rapidly changing environment requires more than a cursory understanding of healthcare. You need a collaborative partner with a solid record of performance in your industry. HORNE helps you anticipate emerging trends and position your organization for success in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape.


Financial Services

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