Healthcare Providers Insurance Company

Company Description
Healthcare Providers Insurance Group (HPIC) specializes in providing professional liability, workers' compensation, and general liability insurance to healthcare facilities and physicians.  
With a long history of excellence and a dedication to protecting our client’s reputation, we have maximized value through strong financial management, operational efficiency, and superior risk and claims management.
More than an insurance company, we are owned and governed by our subscriber-insureds. The HPIC Board of Directors consists of Hospital CEOs and hospital administrators. These individuals bring their knowledge and a unique perspective to the governance of HPIC for those entities and individuals for which we serve.
As we expand our geographic footprint, our mission has remained the same. To provide innovative and cost-effective insurance solutions to assist in safeguarding the assets of our owners while supporting the delivery of quality health care.



  • Professional and General Liability
  • Workers' Compensation